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Séminaire Pr. Manuel YANEZ

Le mercredi 4 avril à 11h en Salle Jean Barriol
 Faculté des Sciences et Technologies
 Entrée 2A, Niveau 7

 Le Pr. Manuel YANEZ, de l’Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Espagne,

 donnera une conférence intitulée :

     "Multiply charged species in the gas phase. Are they so rare ?"
 Vous êtes cordialement invités à participer.

Résumé. Doubly charged species in the gas phase have been an oddity for many years, but the possibility of generating and detecting them with the new available experimental techniques, has faced the scientific community with challenging questions regarding their stability, bonding and reactivity. In this presentation I will analyze, mainly from a theoretical perspective, these questions. In particular, I will discuss different challenging cases, and how it is possible to calculate lifetimes, and consequently establish interesting trends in the intrinsic stability of doubly charged containing systems as a function of their bonding characteristics. The final part of my presentation will deal with the unimolecular reactivity of doubly charged molecular ions involving important biochemical systems, as well as the effect of doubly charged metal ions on the tautomerism of DNA base-pairs responsible of mutagenic changes.


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