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Pierrat Philippe

PIERRAT Philippe

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Pierrat, P., Hesse, S., Cebrián, C., & Gros, P. C. (2017). Controlling charge-transfer properties through a microwave-assisted mono- or bis-annulation of dialkynyl-N-(het)arylpyrroles. Org. Biomol. Chem., 15(40), 8568–8575.
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Pierrat, P., Casset, A., Didier, P., Kereselidze, D., Lux, M., Pons, F., & Lebeau, L. (2016). Cationic DOPC–Detergent Conjugates for Safe and Efficient in Vitro and in Vivo Nucleic Acid Delivery. ChemBioChem, 17(18), 1771–1783.
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Pierrat, P., Casset, A., Kereselidze, D., Lux, M., Pons, F., & Lebeau, L. (2016). DOPC-Detergent Conjugates: Fusogenic Carriers for Improved In Vitro and In Vivo Gene Delivery. Macromol. Biosci., 16(7), 984–989.
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Pierrat, P., Kereselidze, D., Lux, M., Lebeau, L., & Pons, F. (2016). Enhanced gene delivery to the lung using biodegradable polyunsaturated cationic phosphatidylcholine-detergent conjugates. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 511(1), 205–218.
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Yan, W., Réthoré, C., Menning, S., Brenner-Weiß, G., Muller, T., Pierrat, P., & Bräse, S. (2016). A Hexakis Terpyridine-Fullerene Ligand in Six-Fold Ruthenium, Iridium, and Iron Complexes: Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties. Chem. Eur. J., 22(33), 11522–11526.
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Pierrat, P., & Lebeau, L. (2015). Characterization of Titratable Amphiphiles in Lipid Membranes by Fluorescence Spectroscopy. Langmuir, 31(45), 12362–12371.
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Pierrat, P., Wang, R., Kereselidze, D., Lux, M., Didier, P., Kichler, A., Pons, F., & Lebeau, L. (2015). Efficient in vitro and in vivo pulmonary delivery of nucleic acid by carbon dot-based nanocarriers. Biomaterials, 51, 290–302.
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Yan, W., Seifermann, S. M., Pierrat, P., & Bräse, S. (2014). Synthesis of highly functionalized C60 fullerene derivatives and their applications in material and life sciences. Org. Biomol. Chem., 13(1), 25–54.
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