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Lamande-Langle Sandrine

Sandrine Lamandé-Langle

Maître de Conférences
Equipe : Groupe Mobat
Contact :

Domaine de recherche

  • radiochimie - synthèse de nouveaux radiotraceurs pour l’imagerie TEP-chimie des sucres



Thèmes de recherche actuels

  • Synthèse de groupes prosthétiques à base de sucres



  • Chimie Organique L1 à M2


  • 2006 Maître de Conférences (UHP-Nancy 1)
  • 2004-2006 Post-Doctorat en radiochimie (SHFJ-CEA-Orsay)
  • 2004 Doctorat de Chimie Organique (Université de Tours)



Collet, C., Schmitt, S., Maskali, F., Clément, A., Chrétien, F., Karcher, G., Marie, P. - Y., Poussier, S., & Lamandé-Langle, S. (2017). Synthesis and preliminary in vivo evaluation of new [ 18 F]fluoro-inositols as Positron Emission Tomography radiotracers. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 25(20), 5603–5612.
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Petry, N., Vucko, T., Collet, C., Lamandé-Langle, S., Pellegrini-Moïse, N., & Chrétien, F. (2017). Synthesis and revised stereochemical assignment of C-allyl glucopyranosides and derivatives. Carbohydrate Research, 445, 61–64.
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Collet, C., Chrétien, F., Chapleur, Y., & Lamandé-Langle, S. (2016). Diastereoselective synthesis of new O-alkylated and C-branched inositols and their corresponding fluoro analogues. Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 12, 353–361.
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Collet, C., Maskali, F., Clément, A., Chrétien, F., Poussier, S., Karcher, G., Marie, P. - Y., Chapleur, Y., & Lamandé-Langle, S. (2015). Development of 6-[18F]fluoro-carbohydrate-based prosthetic groups and their conjugation to peptides via click chemistry. J. Label Compd. Radiopharm, 59(2), 54–62.
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Collet, C., Otabashi, M., Giacomelli, F., Veran, N., Karcher, G., Chapleur, Y., & Lamandé-Langle, S. (2015). Fully automated production of sodium [18F]fluoride on AllInOne and miniAllInOne synthesizers. Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 102, 87–92.
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Lamandé-Langle, S., Collet, C., Hensienne, R., Vala, C., Chrétien, F., Chapleur, Y., Mohamadi, A., Lacolley, P., & Regnault, V. (2014). ‘Click’ glycosylation of peptides through cysteine propargylation and CuAAC. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 22, 6672–6683.
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Anselmi, E., Abarbri, M., Duchêne, A., Lamandé-Langle, S., & Thibonnet, J. (2013). Complete Assignment of 1 H and 13 C NMR Spectra of 1,2,4-Trisubstituted Pyrroles. Journal of Spectroscopy, 2013, e146541.
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Balentova, E., Collet, C., Lamandé-Langle, S., Chrétien, F., Thonon, D., Aerts, J., Lemaire, C., Luxen, A., & Chapleur, Y. (2011). Synthesis and hydrolytic stability of novel 3-[18F]fluoroethoxybis(1-methylethyl)silyl]propanamine-based prosthetic groups. Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, 132(4), 250–257.
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Lamandé-Langle, S., Ngi, S. I., Anselmi, E., Allouchi, H., Duchêne, A., Abarbri, M., & Thibonnet, J. (2011). Synthesis and reactivity of β,γ-dihalogenated unsaturated acids: Application to the synthesis of 4-substituted 5 H -furan-2-ones. Synthesis-Stuttgart, (1), 154–160.
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Vala, C., Chrétien, F., Balentova, E., Lamandé-Langle, S., & Chapleur, Y. (2011). Neoglycopeptides through direct functionalization of cysteine. Tetrahedron Letters, 52(1), 17–20.
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Lamandé-Langle, S., Abarbri, M., Thibonnet, J., Duchêne, A., & Parrain, J. - L. (2010). Domino allylic amination/Sonogashira/heterocyclisation reactions: palladium-catalysed three-component synthesis of pyrroles. Chem. Commun., 46(28), 5157.
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Chapitres de Livre,%20S&where=year+>+2009


Chapleur, Y., Vala, C., Chrétien, F., & Lamandé-Langle, S. (2013). Toward imaging glycotools by click coupling. In Click Chemistry in Glycoscience ; New developments and strategies. (pp. 183–210). Witczak, Zbigniew J.; Bielski, Roman Eds.; John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2013; pp 183-210.
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Chapleur, Y., Lamandé-Langle, S., Collet, C., & Chrétien, F. (2012). Dérivés de glycosides, leur préparation et leur utilisation comme groupes prosthétiques. Demande de brevet français N° FR1256308 du 2 juillet 2012.
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Chapleur, Y., Lamandé-Langle, S., Collet, C., & Chrétien, F. (2012). Radiotraceur notamment pour la maladie d’Alzeimer. Demande de brevet français N° FR1253109 du 4 avril 2012.
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