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Le laboratoire SRSMC accueille des doctorants des Écoles Doctorales suivantes :


Écoles thématiques

  • Summer School in Les Houches : Integrated Structural Cell Biology. From molecules to cells and organisms : Thinking out of the box.

This summer school will take place in one of the most gorgeous French locations : the Chamonix Valley. It’s intended for PhD students, post-docs and researchers at early stages of their career. It deals with integrated structural cell biology, so really going from the atom to the whole organism.​
The two biological processes used as models will be viral infection and flower development but they are just examples and this school is intended for all types of biologists. Participants will learn how a biological question can be answered using an integrated approach and learn more about the methods. It’s only 1500€ for 4 weeks and there will be fellowships to cut the cost down to 750€. So, please advertise it around you : there are only 50 spots !

To know more :
Location : Ecole des Houches
Dates : 07/07/14 to 01/08/14