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Conférence Pr. Anna Szakiel

Jeudi 30 janvier 2014, 14h30, Salle Jean Barriol, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy.
"Identification of triterpenoids occurring in fruit and leaf cuticular waxes of grape berry Vitis vinifera by GC/MS"
Pr. Anna Szakiel, Université de Varsovie,
Invitée à L’Université de Lorraine dans le cadre de la mobilité enseignante ERASMUS, (contact M. Henry :

Triterpenoids occurring in grapevine fruit and leaf cuticular waxes are of research interest due to their possible role in plant resistance against pathogens, and – in the case of fruits - the possibility of industrial production of useful materials containing these biologically active compounds from grape pomace. In the present study, chloroform extracts of grapevine fruit and leaf cuticular waxes, obtained from 9 cultivars from Alsace, were fractionated by preparative adsorption chromatography and analyzed by GC-MS. The results showed for the first time the thorough triterpenoid profile of triterpenoids occurring in grapevine fruit and leaf cuticular waxes. Additonally, the leaf cuticular wax triterpenoid profiles differentiate the tested Alsacian cultivars into two groups : lupeol-dominant (Chasselas, Muscat and all Pinot) and taraxerol-dominant (Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Sylvaner).