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1. Colloids and Surfaces B : Biointerfaces 2013, 112, 139-145.
2. Process Biochemistry, 2013, 48, 831-837.

Bioencapsulation is a commonly used method in food, bioceuticals and medicine and more recently in biocatalytic processes.

In this context, our group recently show that encapsulation Mucor miehei lipase into porous silica materials afforded efficient biocatalysts for the methanolysis od colza oil. The resulting ester-fuels are of particular interest in the field of energy.

Over the chemical methods, biocatalysts (eg lipase) present several advantages, especially related to the environmental aspect. Moreover, supported-lipases allow for an easier product recovery and multiple reusing cycles. To do so, porous silica matrix allow for both physical and chemical immobilisation of Mucor miehei lipase (Mm-L). In the latter case, the lipase was covalently grafted to the SBA-15 silica functionalized with isocyanate groups. Both supported biocatalysts give total conversion of colza oil and high yields of methylesters whereas the chemically functionalized support show a better reusability.


Project BIOCARMAT financed by ANR (project no. ANR-09-JCJC- 0024-01)